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We’re creating glass with remarkable durability, beauty, and versatility
for today’s most forward-thinking architects and designers

Spaces and Experiences Reinvented with Glass

Spaces and Experiences Reinvented with Glass

Today’s most striking designs have one thing in common: Glass.

Glass interacts with light and color in ways that produce unique, astounding effects. More and more, designers are embracing glass for its beauty, clean lines, and versatility.

Glass provides more than a sleek, tough cover for surfaces. It’s also the perfect substrate for high-tech coatings that react to light and sound or support high-tech sensors and semiconductors. Glass is such a unique material can help make even an ordinary object glow in the dark.

That’s why architects and designers are redefining what to expect from our everyday surroundings — and they’re turning to Corning for the glass that can help make it all possible.

What Corning Offers

What Corning Offers

Corning creates architectural and design glass solutions that are both practical and beautiful.

As an architectural glass, Corning® Willow® Glass, for example, can curve around pillars or provide a glistening laminate for ordinary building materials. Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber can outline a runner’s headphones with a colorful strand of light, or line a hospital room floor with a gentle glow to guide you along. Corning® Gorilla® Glass, already a standard in the consumer electronics industry, can line the walls of an elevator cab or create a seamless “smart wall” to interact with guests in a lobby setting or department store.

These are just a few of our innovations that are inspiring designers in diverse industries.

With our expertise in research, materials, and processing, we can provide many options to our architecture and design customers for every phase of their projects. Corning continues to offer advantaged materials in this space, and as display technologies advance, our capabilities are expanding to meet their evolving requirements.